T Shirt Cowboy Bebop Spike Red Dragon

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S 45cm / 17.5" 65cm / 25.5"
M 48cm / 20" 68cm / 26.5"
L 52cm / 20.5" 72cm / 28"
XL 60cm / 23.5" 75cm / 29.5"


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T Shirt Cowboy Bebop Spike Red Dragon Syndicate Spiegel Faye Valentine Anime Manga Japan Japanese

2 reviews for T Shirt Cowboy Bebop Spike Red Dragon

  1. Jay (verified owner)

    Excellent top quality shirt and feels great and fits just right
  2. Jay (verified owner)

    I almost didn’t purchase a shirt from this store because of the low rating. It’s unfortunate that one stubborn and uncommunicative customer has the power to heavily distort the rating of a small business.

    The shirt arrived at my house in the US within a month, and the shirts quality is surprisingly high. The graphics are also very crisp and unique. Compared to similar products on Etsy and other clothing websites, this store is a superior location for band themed T shirts.

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